July 3, 2020

Tesla Cybertruck Papercraft

The futuristic looking Tesla Cybertruck made its public debut in November 2019. Since its unveiling, the electric powered truck has both car and truck enthusiasts all abuzz. The company touts the vehicle as being "better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car." This 1:24 scale paper model of the Cybertruck was created by Yoshiny Design. A printable PDF of the template may be downloaded here. The Pepakura PDO file for the model may be downloaded here. Tesla is scheduled to release the first Cybertrucks in 2021.

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June 29, 2020

Great White Shark Papercraft

This papercraft depicts a moment frozen in time, when a great white shark rises violently from the water to snag a seal to eat. Not the most pleasant of events, but it makes for a cool paper model nonetheless. This model was created by DeviantART member Dr. WheelieMobile who based the design on a 3D model from the video game, Zoo Tycoon.  The JPG template for the model may be downloaded here. Three different color variations for the shark are included in the download.

Other Papercraft Animals:

June 16, 2020

NASA Papercraft Moon

Nasa Moon Paper Model
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program, NASA has released a educational paper model of the Earth's Moon for children to build. The moon comes with a 2D cutout of an astronaut on top. Another feature of the model is it may be opened to reveal an image of an astronaut's footprint on the lunar surface. The printable PDF template for the papercraft may be downloaded here. The Apollo Program landed a dozen Americans on the Moon between July 1969 and December 1972.

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June 8, 2020

Miniature Batman Vehicle Paper Models

 Here are some really cool miniature papercraft Batman vehicles by PRmodels. Two of the set are the Batmobile and Batwing from the 1989 Batman movie. The other two are the Tumbler tank and "The Bat" aircraft from the 2008 Dark Knight movie. The templates for the 1989 micromodels may be downloaded here. The templates for the 2008 micromodels may be downloaded here. PRmodels warns that due to their size these models are very difficult to build. Good luck if you try!

May 29, 2020

Guyver Unit Papercraft

Un-Activated Guyver Unit Papercraft
In the Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor anime, items called "G-units" are activated to become organic suits of armor containing powerful weapons. I created this 1:2 scale paper model of an un-activated G-unit as a favor for a Guyver fan I know. The texture for the model is based on art by DeviantART member, Cosedimarco. PDF templates along with a Pepakura PDO file for the model may be downloaded here. The completed model measures 7.5" (19 cm) in diameter.

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May 23, 2020

Baby Yoda Papercraft

It seems everyone's favorite character on The Mandalorian TV show is "The Child" (or as fans are fond of calling him: "Baby Yoda"). Lots of fan art paper models of the little guy have begun to pop up. This model by Claudio Dias is one of the more realistic ones. The PDF template for the model may be downloaded here. Claudio doesn't list the size of the model, but it appears to be in the range of 6" to 8" tall, which would make it roughly a half-size (1:2 scale) model. The second season of The Mandalorian is set to be released on Disney+ in October 2020.

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May 20, 2020

Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycle Papercraft

To keep boredom away while trapped indoors during the coronavirus pandemic, the Musashi Company is offering a papercraft motorcycle free of charge. The model is of the Honda CBR1000RR used by the MuSASHi RT HARC-PRO racing team. The PDF file for the model may be downloaded here. With a template that is only two pages, it is sure to be a quick build. The CBR1000RR also goes by the name "Fireblade" in some markets.

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May 12, 2020

Captain Phasma Paper Sculpture

I like to think of this Captain Phasma model as "papercraft bas-relief". Intended to be seen from the front only, the model uses curved pieces of card stock to give it a 3D effect. Phasma was designed by papercraft artist, Mookeep. A download of the template is available from his website here. Captain Phasma was the first female stormtrooper to appear in a live action Star Wars movie.

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April 28, 2020

Mini Spirit of St. Louis Papercraft

The Spirit of St. Louis is the one-of-a-kind airplane Charles Lindbergh flew on the first solo, non-stop, transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.  Lindbergh accomplished this feat in 1927. This mini paper model of the plane was created by Paperfactory. The PDF template is available on their website here (look for the green button on the left to begin the download). The designer indicates that the length of the finished model is 5.5" (14 cm). The original Spirit of St. Louis now hangs in the atrium of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.

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April 20, 2020

RX-78-2 Gundam Paper Model

The RX-78-2 is the original mech that started the Gundam franchise. Its first appearance was in the 1979 anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam. In the series, the giant robot is piloted by a teenage mechanic, Amuro Ray. This paper model of the RX-78-2 was designed by Juancho Aran. The best method of building this model is by printing the parts on different colors of cardstock. The finished size of the model is about 16" (40 cm) tall. All the files required to build the model may be downloaded here. Build photo by Ngọc Nguyễn.

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April 14, 2020

Godzilla Origami

I love all things Godzilla. I have seen many types of Godzilla fan art, but I have to say this is the first Godzilla origami I have seen. This paper kaiju was created by origami designer Seiji Nishikawa. Photo and video folding instructions for the piece may be found near the bottom of the page here. A 12" x 12" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm) square of paper is recommended. Build photo by Mookeep.

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April 8, 2020

Anung Un Rama Mode Hellboy Papercraft

Hellboy Paper Model
From time to time in the Hellboy movie and comic book franchise, the superhero Hellboy transforms into what I call "Anung Un Rama mode". His sawed off horns grow back and a fiery crown appears, hovering over his head. This paper model shows Hellboy in this transformed state (minus the crown unfortunately). The model, which was designed by L-Paper, is large, standing at a little over 51" (130 cm) tall! A PDF template and a Pepakura PDO guide for building the model may be downloaded here. Anung Un Rama is Hellboy's real name which is said to mean "upon his brow is set a crown of flame". In-progress build photos (several black tentacles are missing) are by Zam.

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March 30, 2020

Mandalorian Razor Crest Papercraft

Razor Crest Papercraft
Hot off the press, here is a Star Wars paper model from the ever popular Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. This 1:250 scale model is of Razor Crest, the Mandalorian's own ship. The printable PDF template for the model was created by PRmodels and may be down loaded here. The Razor Crest is a former military patrol craft that was customized by the Mandalorian to meet his bounty hunting needs.

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March 20, 2020

Vintage Italian Dive Bomber Papercraft

This antique papercraft airplane is estimated to have been produced in Italy sometime during the 1930's or 40's. The title on the template reads "bombardiere a tuffo" which in English is "dive bomber". And indeed, there is bomb included on the underside of the model. The colorization of the plane (which I love) seems rather fanciful, so I am unsure if the model was intended to represent an actual aircraft or be a generic representation of this type of aircraft. A copy of the template for the airplane may be downloaded here. Build photos by Tom Greensfelder.

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March 6, 2020

Wind Waker Medli Papercraft

In the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker video game, the game's protagonist, Link, journeys to Dragon Roost Island where he meets a girl named Medli. Wherever she goes, Medli carries her treasured harp. This papercraft likeness of Medli does a good job at capturing the cartoonish style of the game. The model was designed by Tenpepakura and may be downloaded here. Photographic instructions may also be viewed on the download page.

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February 26, 2020

1:1 Yoda Papercraft Build Photos

I haven't posted any build photos from readers in a long while. Mostly because I haven't received any. : ) Till now, that is. This life size paper model of Master Yoda was built by Michael L. Nice job on a difficult model, Michael! The original model was created by Noturno Sukhoi and may be downloaded here.

February 16, 2020

Italian Castle Paper Model

Castello della Rocche is a castle built in 1402 in the Province of Modena, Italy. The structure suffered heavy damage during the Emilia earthquake that hit the region in 2012. The castle was closed for a time for repairs, but is currently open to the public. This paper model of the castle was created by TeoDom paper models and may be downloaded here. The download includes a PDF papercraft template and instructions.

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January 29, 2020

Baby Yoda Paper Toy

It seems everyone's favorite character on Disney's The Mandalorian is Baby Yoda. The lovable little imp is popping up all over Etsy, appearing in memes, and (as is to be expected) there are numerous paper models in circulation. Here is one of the better Baby Yoda papercrafts. It was created by Alex Gwynne at Fold Up Toys and may be downloaded here. As with most of Gwynne's creations, the template is a single piece that folds to form a 3D toy.

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January 22, 2020

Warhawk 4X4 Papercraft

The Warhawk warfare video game features three types of combat vehicles: aircraft, tanks, and 4x4 trucks. For the 2007 video game's release, Sony promoted the game by releasing free paper models of each vehicle type. Pictured are the models of the 4x4s in the game. On the left is the Jeep-like Eucadian Army 4x4. On the right is the truck used by the Chernovan military. PDF templates for both models are still available for download here.

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January 14, 2020

MCU Thor Stormbreaker Papercraft

Since I have posted about paper models of nearly every other version of the war hammer of Marvel Comics' Thor, I felt compelled to post about this model too. ;) In the movie, Avengers: Infinity War, Thor gets a new hammer named "Stormbreaker". The tree-like being Groot willingly sacrifices his arm to provide a handle for the weapon. This 3D papercraft likeness of Stormbreaker was created by Precision Papercraft.  The Pepakura PDO template for the model may be downloaded here. The finished hammer is about 2' (61 cm) tall, which is somewhat smaller than the hammer appears in the movie.

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January 7, 2020

Deformed Grumman J2F Duck Papercraft

The Grumman J2F Duck was an amphibious biplane produced in the US during the 1930's and 40's. This small paper model presents a cute "deformed" vision of the airplane. The single page PDF template for the model may be downloaded here. Build photos and model design by Paper Factory.

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