December 24, 2011

League of Legends Papercraft: Kennen Shuriken

Since I am posting on Christmas Eve, you might mistake this shuriken papercraft for a Christmas star. ^^ But no, this is the weapon of Kennen, a ninja in the League of Legends video game. The official League of Legends website describes Kennen as follows:
"There exists an ancient order originating in the Ionian Isles dedicated to the preservation of balance...This order is known as the Kinkou and it employs a triumvirate of shadow warriors to uphold its causes in the world. Kennen is one of these shadow warriors, entrusted with the sacred duty of Coursing the Sun - tirelessly conveying the justice of the Kinkou."
The finished papercraft measures 8" (20.3 cm) tip to tip. The template may be downloaded here.

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