November 10, 2011

Mickey Mouse Paper Toys

Back in 2009, designer Matt Hawkins created two Mickey Mouse paper toys. On the left is Mickey as he looked in his first cartoon, Steamboat Willie. On the right is the modern version of Mickey we all know and love. A download of the toys is still available here. The zip file contains both the paper models pictured above and also a papercraft stage on which to display them. Build photos above are by George Dunkley and Methuup da Funky One.

UPDATE 3/3/2019: Donald Duck and Goofy paper toys by Matt are available here.


  1. Why do you advertise crafts to be downloaded? I have tried 4 times and it does not work. I got everything but that in advertisements. Very upset.

    1. I am sorry you are having problems. I have nothing to do with the ads you are running into. They must be coming from Mediafire where the templates are stored. Some ads are intentionally deceptive and try to look like a download button. I tried just now and had no problem downloading the templates. I clicked on a green bar labeled "download (574KB)" Try it again. Maybe you will have better luck this time. If you still can't get it to work, email me and I will send you the files myself.

    2. Oh, a thought occurred to me... Are you clicking on the word "here" in the paragraph under the photo to download the templates? If you click somewhere else you will go to the wrong place.