November 5, 2011

Third Anniversary!

"Remember remember the fifth of November.." Today marks the third anniversary of Tektonten Papercraft and for the first time it occurred to me that this date is also Guy Fawkes Day, that uniquely British holiday that figures so prominently in V for Vendetta. The photo above is a collection of some the papercraft cubes I have featured over the past three years.

It has been my tradition to share some stats on anniversary days, so here are the top ten most downloaded Tektonten papercraft designs of the last year:

1. Mjolnir, Thor's Hammer (Marvel Comics) - 7,120
2. Tron Bit - "No" Configuration (Original Tron movie) - 5,815
3. Kaonashi Mask (Spirited Away movie) - 5,654
4. Hal 9000 Interface (2001: A Space Odyssey movie) - 5,460
5. Glock 9mm Handgun (Half-Life 1 video game) - 5,458
6. Tron Bit - "Neutral" Configuration (Original Tron movie) - 5,342
7. Tron Bit - "Yes" Configuration (Original Tron movie) - 5,023
8. Sam's Identity Disc (Tron: Legacy movie) - 5,010
9. Spider-Man Mask (Marvel Comics) - 4,076
10. Full Size Tron Helmet (Tron 2.0 video game) - 3,913

In the coming year I hope to produce more Tron, Star Wars, and Kingdom Hearts/Disney paper models. I also hope to start doing some League of Legends papercraft. Thank you everyone for your continued support of my humble blog!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, a year ago that I follow your work and every day I wonder more. I hope you continue doing many things for too long.