January 4, 2009

Tron Papercraft - Bit

"Bit" is a character from the 1982 Disney movie, Tron. Considered by some to be the first CGI character in a movie, Bit communicates by speaking only "yes" or "no". The orange shape above is the form Bit takes when answering "yes". The spiky red shape is the form when answering "no" and the blue shape is Bit's "neutral" form when not speaking. Here is a film clip showing Bit in action...

Even though this is the fifth papercraft design I have released, it was actually one of my first designs. Development of the design took a little longer partially because it is actually three models, but also because it took some time to create simplified templates for the complex geometry. For those out there who care about such things, the "yes" Bit is a octahedron, the "neutral" Bit is a compound of a icosahedron and a dodecahedron, and the "no" Bit is a second stellation of a icosahedron. Template information for each of the models is as follows:

Bit - "Yes" Configuration
Finished Size (with base): 7" (17.8 cm)

Number of Sheets: 2
Number of Parts: 4
Difficulty: 1/5
Download: Here

Bit - "Neutral" Configuration
Finished Size (with base): 7" (17.8 cm)
Number of Sheets: 4
Number of Parts: 26
Difficulty: 2/5
Download: Here

Bit - "No" Configuration
Finished Size (with base): 8" (20.3 cm)
Number of Sheets: 4
Number of Parts: 34
Difficulty: 5/5!
Download: Here

UPDATE: Lineless templates and a re-colored template of the Yes Bit are available now here.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try to post "no fold line" versions of each of the models in the next couple of days. I also am planning on releasing a recolor of the "Yes" Bit as some knowledgable fans have commented that they feel the actual color should be closer to yellow than orange.

  2. It might be possible to find the correct color paper. Print out a line drawing, then fold it so the lines are on the inside of the model.

    That should solve the line/no lines problem.

  3. Thanks for cool models

    are you making any moar Tron models
    like Tron helmet a red and blue one
    not in 1:1 scale but small and sitting on same thing as the bit

  4. Ronny,
    I am not working on any other Tron models at the moment, but I like your idea! I will certainly look into the possibility of doing helmets. If you know where I can find detailed information on the size, shape, patterns, etc. for the helmets, let me know. Thanks.

  5. only find pics on sites
    but it can give ide for the skin and lock of the helmet

    and a req from my little brother(a new fan of tron)if you can try make the Tron Disc on pedistal as the Bit

  6. Thanks for the links to the helmet info Ronny. I will see what I can come up with for helmet and disc papercraft. I have some other projects I want to get finished up so it may be a while before I can get around to it...

  7. Hi, I just wanted to say I just love what you have done on this site. Your paper craft stuff is so cool.

    I really like what you did with the Tron paper craft and hope you will do more in the future. I am trying to collect as much paper craft work of Tron as possible. I have found a few on other sites but not as nice as yours.

    I also like your paper theaters and hope you will either find more of them or create another one.I have only gotten half way through your site. I am new to this whole paper craft art and so far I really enjoy seeing what people come up with.

    I will be watching to see what else you come up with. I like how you have things organized and with good pictures too, so we can see what things look like.

  8. Hi, I am glad you like my blog! I do plan on posting more paper theaters in the future. Thanks for watching and I hope you continue to enjoy the papercraft I post.

  9. Hello, are you maybe willing to remove protection from "No" PDF, so we could print only lines on pre-coulored paper, without that extra text on the left?

  10. Hi Gizmo. I prefer not to remove the protection from my PDFs, but if you will e-mail me at the address listed in my profile I will send you a protected PDF of what you want.

  11. Hello!
    First, thank you for sharing your models (thank you even more for posting pictures of all your work - it's amazing, and beautiful to look at!)

    I'm trying to do the 'No' bit, and I'm having trouble seeing the dashed fold lines on the dark background (I'm printing in B&W onto red paper, then planning on folding the paper so the dashed lines are on the inside).

    Is there a way I can get a file with the lines (including the dashed lines) but no color?

    I'm looking at the .PDO file in Pepakura for the 'No' bit withOUT the dashed lines, but I don't know enough to figure out how to tell the Pepakura Viewer (not the Editor, just the Viewer) to put those lines back in.

    Regardless, thank you for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us! :)

    1. Mike,
      It warms my heart to know someone still wants to build something I released 10 years ago! :) Send me an email at the address listed on my Blogger profile and will I get you what you need.

  12. Your models are awesome! I saw these Tron Bits about a year or two ago and wanted to make them then, but didn't have time until recently.

    Thank you so much for the files! I greatly appreciate it, and really enjoyed making the first two Bits :)

    (Email has been sent)