February 26, 2020

1:1 Yoda Papercraft Build Photos

I haven't posted any build photos from readers in a long while. Mostly because I haven't received any. : ) Till now, that is. This life size paper model of Master Yoda was built by Michael L. Nice job on a difficult model, Michael! The original model was created by Noturno Sukhoi and may be downloaded here.

February 16, 2020

Italian Castle Paper Model

Castello della Rocche is a castle built in 1402 in the Province of Modena, Italy. The structure suffered heavy damage during the Emilia earthquake that hit the region in 2012. The castle was closed for a time for repairs, but is currently open to the public. This paper model of the castle was created by TeoDom paper models and may be downloaded here. The download includes a PDF papercraft template and instructions.

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