December 31, 2017

Papercraft Warhammer Bunker

One last post for 2017! Here we have an Imperial bunker for use in Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargamming. At five parts, the bunker is incredibly simple to build! This model was built by German Warhammer enthusiast, Ralf Engels. A printable template for the model may be downloaded here.

Other Papercraft Architecture for Miniature Gaming:

Elf Cloister
Medieval Tents
Modern Urban Buildings
Mage Knight City
Modular Castle

December 27, 2017

1981 Lancia Stratos Paper Model

The Lancia Stratos was a successful rally car during late 1970s and early 80s. This paper model Stratos has the color scheme of Bernard Darniche's car when he won the 1981 Tour de Corse. A printable template for this paper model may be downloaded here. Production of the road version of the Lancia Stratos ceased in 1978.

Other Papercraft Race Cars:

Lotus E-20
Aston Martin DBR9
Porsche 917
Maserati 250F

December 16, 2017

Star Wars Porg Paper Toy

Porgs are one of the most talked about of the new creatures that were introduced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (I think cuteness may be a factor). ^^ Porgs are the bird-like animals that inhabit the island where the aged Luke Skywalker makes his home. This porg paper toy was created by Fold Up Toys. The single piece, printable template for the toy may be downloaded here.

Other Star Wars Papercraft:

Han Solo
Princess Leia
BB-9E Droid

December 10, 2017

Printable Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This printable Christmas tree Advent calendar from Canon Creative Park has an ingenious method for counting the days until Christmas. The tree contains numbered drawers corresponding to the days of December.  After the appropriate drawer is pulled out of the tree (and the treat inside consumed!), the drawer is then replaced in the tree backwards. On the back of each drawer is an ornament for the Advent tree! This papercraft was designed by Masahiro Watanabe.

Other Papercraft Advent Calendars:
Santa Boxes
Modern Town
Winter Village

December 3, 2017

3D Papercraft Doomguy Mask

Remember the in-game space marine avatar in the original Doom video game? His steely face was the health indicator in the heads-up display at the bottom of the screen. Using the 2D HUD image of the Doomguy's face, Dean Swanton created this printable 3D papercraft mask! Dean has graciously allowed me to offer the template for the mask through Tektonten Papercraft. A download of Dean's files may be found here. Be forewarned, the files are in a somewhat raw form and may require some cleanup to improve the build-ability of the model. The first Doom game was released in 1993.

Other Video Game Masks:

Payday Santa
Crash Bandicoot Aku Aku & Uka Uka
Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack
Kirby Meta Knight
Skyrim Konahrik Dragon Priest

November 28, 2017

SpongeBob Papercraft: Patrick Tree Topper

This printable Patrick Christmas tree topper is offered by Nickelodeon as a project to do with your kids. Easy to build, the finished star measures about 7" (18 cm) tall. The PDF template for the papercraft ornament may be downloaded here. Patrick, as you well know, is the faithful starfish sidekick of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Other Papercraft Christmas Decorations:
Origami Angel
Disney Agent P Ornament
Winged Reindeer
Dr. Who Heavenly Host Ornament
Krampus Paper Toy

November 21, 2017

Marvel Spider-Ham Paper Model

In one corner of the Marvel Comics multiverse is a universe of anthropomorphic animals. In this universe there are super-heroes that are parodies of  heroes in the main Marvel universe. One such hero is Spider-Ham, a spider named Peter who is bitten by a radioactive pig. Peter transforms into a pig himself, but retains his spider abilities. This paper model likeness of Spider-Ham was created by Rock-Paper. PDF and Pepakura PDO templates may be downloaded here. Other super powered animals in Spider-Ham's world include Ducktor Doom, Captain Americat, Iron Mouse, and Hulk Bunny.

Other Marvel Papercraft:
Chibi Hulkbuster
X-Men Apocalypse
Dancing Baby Groot
Avengers Loki
Hako Ghost Rider

November 12, 2017

Star Wars BB-9E Paper Model

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to be released on December 15th.  Not surprisingly, papercraft related to the movie is already being released. This paper model is of BB-9E, a New Order astromech droid of the same class as BB-8, the lovable droid who appeared in the previous movie, The Force Awakens. A download of the papercraft template for this model, along with video instructions, may be found here. The model may be modified into a fun desktop toy by adding a coin inside during construction. The weight of the coin then allows the droid to wobble back and forth without falling over.

Other Star Wars Papercraft:
Sith Holocron
Captain Phasma Helmet
Life-size R2-D2
Training Remote
Life-size Yoda

November 5, 2017

9th Anniversary!

Today is the 9th anniversary of Tektonten Papercraft! Never did I imagine I would last this long when I first started blogging! Here's a big "thank you" to all of you who continue to be regular visitors. Pictured in the photo is a stack of various papercraft skulls I have released over the years. Each one is from a different video game. The original posts for the skulls may be found here:

Wolfenstein Skull
League of Legends Skull
Half-Life 1 Skull
Kingdom Hearts 2 Skull

October 31, 2017

Zero's Doghouse Papercraft

Happy Halloween! This past Friday the 13th, The Disney Experience released a paper model of Zero's doghouse. Zero, of course, is the ghostly dog from the Disney stop-motion animation film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Quite appropriately, Zero's house is a tombstone. As a bonus, the model also functions as a document stand.  The printable PDF for this papercraft may be downloaded here.

Other Tim Burton Related Papercraft:

Skull from Oogie's Manor
Chibi Jack Skellington
Frankenweenie Masks
Edward Scissorhands Paper Dolls

October 24, 2017

Halloween Teddy Bear Papercraft

For many years, Canon Creative Park has been the go-to place for free high quality paper models. This teddy bear is one of their more impressive Halloween projects.  It is one of several teddies that artist Katsuyuki Shiga has created for Canon. The PDF template for the bear may be downloaded here.

Other Halloween Papercraft:
Origami Skeleton Hand
Printable Halloween Lanterns
Disney's Jack Skellington
Pumpkin Treat Boxes
Happy Bat

October 20, 2017

Origami Owl

This excellent origami owl was folded by Flickr member "Origamidoc" from a 19.7" x 19.7" (50 cm x 50 cm) square of paper. The specific type of owl it is intended to represent is the Blakiston's fish owl, which is the largest species of the bird. An excellent video tutorial on how to fold the owl may be found here. The original origami design is by Katsuta Kyohei.

Some Previous Origami Animals:


October 15, 2017

Papercraft Cemetary

Here's another papercraft from that delightfully creepy website, RavensBlight. This cemetery is part of a collection of paper models of haunted buildings and such. Pieces from the collection work well for miniature gaming or Halloween decorations. The free template for the cemetery may be downloaded here.

Other Spooky Papercraft:
Haunted Carousel
Tabletop Graveyard
3D Frankenstein Monster Mask
Lovecraft Elder Thing
Coffin Treat Boxes

October 9, 2017

Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Paper Model

This Klingon Bird of Prey paper model is more specifically a B'rel Class light warship. If I am not mistaken, it is the same type of ship that appears in the 1986 movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. There are two sizes of the model available: the size pictured in the photo and a smaller version that is 1:1000 scale. Templates for both models may be downloaded at Clever PaperModel.

Other Star Trek Papercraft:

Voyager Hypospray
Next Generation Romulan Warbird
Terran Empire Knife
TOS Enterprise Bridge Playset
Andorian Battle Cruiser

October 4, 2017

DotA 2 Mecha Goblin Papercraft

I had never heard of the DotA 2 video game before I discovered the Kang Paper blog, but the 3D models in the game make for some awesome papercraft! DotA 2 is a free online multiplayer battle arena game that evolved from Warcraft III. Pictured here is a paper model likeness of a Mecha Goblin, one of the many characters in game. The template for this model may be download here.

Other Papercraft from Online Games:
Gunbound Roundup
Elder Scrolls Trebuchet
Life-size S.U.N. Elementalist
World of Tanks Soviet MS-1

September 30, 2017

Papercraft Snow Leopard

Here is another in the series of papercraft animals by DeviantART member DrWheelieMobile. This time we have a snow leopard! Snow leopards live in the mountainous regions of South and Central Asia in an area that spans twelve countries. The template for this paper model may be found here. Included in the download are actually two leopard models, each with slightly different markings.

Other Papercraft Animals in the Series:

Zebra Mare and Foal
Reticulated Giraffe
White Rhino
Green Sea Turtle

September 26, 2017

Vintage Western Fort Paper Model

This paper model of a "western fort" was published in 1979 in a German children's magazine. Included with the model are a covered wagon and a canon. The template for the fort may be downloaded here. Palisade type forts such as this have been romanticized as part of the USA's "wild west" past. Build photo by SarienSpiderDroid.

Other Vintage Papercraft:
1934 Eiffel Tower
1962 Dollhouse
1978 Cinderella Castle
1934 Village

September 21, 2017

Papercraft Boxtrolls Automata

This papercraft automata was inspired by the 2014 stop-motion animated movie, The Boxtrolls. When put in motion, the troll beats his hands upon his chest. As an added feature, the troll's legs may be rotated forward so he can sit down. This model is a free sample from Griscatrina, a company that specializes in paper automata. To download the printable PDF for the troll go here and click on the words "Get free" in the last sentence in the paragraph.

Previous Paper Automata:
Walking MechWarrior
Antique Toy Circus
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Dancing Baby Groot
Minecraft Steve vs Creeper

September 17, 2017

Blade Runner Tyrell Building Paper Model

In the original Blade Runner movie, the Tyrell Corporation is the company that manufactures the human replicant workforce that plays a central role in the plot of the film. This paper model of the pyramid-like Tyrell Corporation headquarters building was created by Martin Sanger. The PDF template for the model is available for download here. The long awaited sequel to the Blade Runner is scheduled to be released on October 6th of this year!

Other Sci-Fi Movie Papercraft:

Mad Max Interceptor
Blade Runner Ground Spinners
Reaverized Serenity
AvP Xenomorphs
HAL 9000 Interface

September 10, 2017

Video Game Lighthouse Papercraft

This lighthouse paper model was inspired by the video game, The Long Dark. Created by Hinterland, the game is described by the company as a "first-person post-disaster survival simulation". In the game the lighthouse is located at a fictional location in Canada known as "Desolation Point". The PDF template for this papercraft may be downloaded here.

Other Paper Models of Fictional Architecture:
Elf Cloister
Haunted Lighthouse
Pixar UP House
Lone Ranger Frontier Town
Futurama Headquarters Building

September 5, 2017

G1 Transformers Papercraft: Omega Supreme

Gus Santome usually creates mini paper toys, but in this case he has created something considerably larger! This paper model is of the G1 Transformer, Omega Supreme. Omega is described by the Transformers Wiki as:
" of the largest Autobots there is. He isn't much for words, preferring his massive frame and equally massive weapons to do the talking for him. Omega is the last line of defense for the Autobots, a titanic guardian robot capable of instilling fear and panic into the sparks of Decepticons that dare face him on the field of battle."
The PDF template for the model may be downloaded here. TIP: The model may be modified to be pose-able by making use of metal paper fasteners found in most office supply stores.

Other Papercraft Robots:
Wolfenstein Panzerhund
Zoids Command Wolf
War for Cybertron Optimus Prime
Taekwon V Robot

August 29, 2017

Origami Violets

I haven't done a post on origami in a while, so today is the day. Being partial to origami flowers, I thought these violets created by Origami Around were most excellent. These are not a project for the origami purist as they are created from more than one square of paper and some gluing is involved. Instructions on how to fold the violets may be found here.

Other Origami Flowers:

Long Stem Rose
Lotus Blossom
Gift of Gifts Roses

August 26, 2017

TMNT Leonardo Paper Model

Released in 2009, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle paper model is an "oldie but goodie". Leonardo, the leader of the Turtles, is shown mid-action having one katana sword drawn and the other half out of its sheath.  PDF and Pepakura PDO templates are still available for download at Action Papercrafts. The finished model stands 10" (26 cm) tall. Build photo by Two-wisemen.

Other Papercraft Turtles:
Painted Turtle
Ninja Turtles with Pizzas Paper Toys
Green Sea Turtle

August 20, 2017

Concrete Pump Truck Paper Model

On construction sites, sometimes a concrete pump truck is used to pour concrete in hard to reach places. A flexible boom on the back of the truck allows liquid concrete to be pumped to considerable heights and also up and over obstacles. This papercraft pump truck is offered as a free download on the Mansei Restaurant (Tokyo) website. As you can see from the photos, the boom arm and stabilizers are movable. Concrete pumps were first invented by European engineers in the 1920's and 30's.

Other Papercraft Trucks:
1953 Dodge M37
MechWarrior 4 Cargo Truck
2014 Chevy Silverado
Dodge Power Wagon

August 16, 2017

Papercraft League of Legends Wolf Build Photos

In 2012 I released a template for a papercraft League of Legends wolf. I never had a chance to build the model, so I was happy to find these build photos by DeviantART member JanZonderVrees. Jan did a great job! The template for the model was originally designed by Portaldragon. The League of Legends video game was introduced in 2009.

Previous LoL Paper Models:

Sight Ward
Purple Melee Minion
Ziggs Paper Toy

August 14, 2017

Mass Effect Kei-9 Robot Dog Paper Model

In the Mass Effect 3 video game, one of the non-playable characters is a robot named "Kei-9". With a label on its side that reads "Robo Super Dog," Kei-9's function is to be a pet. This paper model of Kei-9 was created by DeviantART member Rheia2 who based his design on a 3D model from the game. The papercraft template for the model may be downloaded here. Build photo by DaiShiHUN.

Previous Mass Effect Papercraft:

M-11 Wraith Shotgun
Normandy SR-1 Starship
Mako and Kodiak Vehicles

August 13, 2017

Tin Toy Boat Papercraft

Papercraft designer Patrick Pasques found an old toy: a windup paddle steamer. He loved it so much he decided to create a papercraft version of the boat. The original toy is shown in the lower photo, the paper model in the upper. Patrick offers a download of his creation on his website located here. Tin toys such as this one were popular in the early twentieth century.

Other Papercraft by Patrick Pasques:
Mexican Tarantula
Automata Skull

August 6, 2017

Star Trek Andorian Battle Cruiser Paper Model

This paper model of the starship Kumari was created by German designer, TarsFerak. The Kumari is an Andorian battle cruiser which appeared on the 2001 television series Star Trek: Enterprise. The blue skinned Andorians have a long history in the Star Trek franchise, first appearing in the original 1966 TV series in an episode entitled "Journey to Babel". The papercraft template for this model may be downloaded here. The scale of the model is 1:1700.

Other Star Trek Papercraft:

Voyager Aeroshuttle
TOS Miniature Gaming Ships
Romulan Warbird
Borg Cube

August 1, 2017

Faceted Papercraft Triceratops Skull

Here's one of those DIY, low-poly paper models like we all see for sale on the Internet these days. Only difference is... this one is free! This faceted papercraft triceratops skull was created by DeviantART member, Gedelgo. The finished model measures about 35 cm long. A printable template for the dino skull may be downloaded here. Triceratops are thought to have roamed the Earth about 68 million years ago.

Other Faceted Papercraft:
American Bison Skull
Easter Rabbit

July 30, 2017

Miniature RMS Titanic Paper Model

To call this paper model of the RMS Titanic a "miniature Titanic" seems like something of an oxymoron. :) Because I have so very limited information on the model, I hesitated to post about it, but in the end the coolness factor of the project pushed me to go ahead. Here is what I know about the model... It was created in 2011 by a Japanese designer whose name may be "Masayui". The paper model is atypical in that it was designed to be printed on color paper rather than white paper. Due to the small scale of the model, a paper thickness of .22 mm or thinner is recommended. The colors of paper required are as follows:

・グレー (gray) 70% 
・グレー (gray) 50% 
・くるみ (dark brown) 
・べに (dark red) 
・ベージュ (beige) 
・ひまわり (sunflower) 

I don't know the scale of the model (so don't bother asking). A download of the PNG template for the ship may be found here. Partial photo instructions may be found here.  The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage in 1912.

Other Papercraft Ships:
Spanish Galleon
Polish Coastal Ferry
USS Mount Vernon

July 23, 2017

Digimon Papercraft: Tai Kamiya

This paper model of Tai Kamiya is based on a 3D model from the 2013 PSP game, Digimon Adventure. Tai is the main protagonist in all branches of the Digimon franchise which includes manga, anime, video games, movies and television shows. The Pepakura PDO template for this model was created by Carojama Papercraft and may be downloaded here. Please note: the PDO template is locked and may only be opened with Pepakura Viewer. Pepakura Designer will not work! The display base seen in the photo is included with the model.

Previous Digimon Papercraft:

Marcus Damon's Digivice

July 19, 2017

Vintage 3D Papercraft Diorama Lampshade

During the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, paper model publishers sometimes offered lampshade kits for kerosene lamps. These lampshades almost always took the form of 3D papercraft dioramas of exotic locales. The subjects depicted on the paper shades ranged from views of the ancient city of Constantinople to Swiss mountain landscapes to panoramas of the jungles of Asia. The lampshade in the photo was published in Germany around 1905 and is titled "Chinese Landscape". The "lit window" effect seen in the photo can only be achieved by modifying the original template (i.e. cutting out the solid windows and replacing them with a colored, translucent material). The templates for this lampshade and several others may be downloaded here. As common sense would dictate, hot light bulbs and paper shades should not be in close proximity to one another for any extended period of time! Use caution and a very low wattage bulb if you choose to build one of these!

Other Vintage Papercraft:
Elephant Pagoda
Circus Automata
Madonna Fountain
Moorish Style School

July 17, 2017

MLP Paper Toy: Discord

In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series there is a character known as "Discord". Discord is a male draconequus (literally "dragon horse") who at first antag-onizes the ponies, but later becomes their friend. This paper toy likeness of Discord was created by El Joey and may be downloaded here. Dicord is composed of several different mythical creatures. Can you tell what they are? ;) Build photo is by NikitaOwO.

Previous MLP Papercraft:
Friendship Express Train
40" Pinkie Pie
Gilda the Griffon
My Little Pony Origami

July 10, 2017

Star Trek TNG Aqua-shuttle Paper Model

This paper model by MTK Card Craft depicts an aqua-shuttle from the USS Excalibur, an Ambassador-class starship which appeared in several episodes of the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. An aqua-shuttle, as you might guess, is designed to land and take off on water rather than solid surfaces. PDF and Pepakura PDO templates for the model may be downloaded here.

Other Star Trek Papercraft:
Collection of 16 Mini Shuttlecraft
TOS Captain's Chair
Voyager Medical Tricorder
Deep Space Nine PADD
Terran Empire Knife

June 28, 2017

Papercraft Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtles live in oceans around the entire globe. The turtle's name is derived from the green fat that is found beneath their shells. This papercraft green sea turtle was created by DeviantART member DrWheelieMobile and is based on a 3D model from the Zoo Tycoon video game. A printable template for the turtle model may be downloaded here. As green sea turtles' coloring varies, there are four different versions of the template included in the download. Green sea turtles are protected by law in most countries of the world.

Other Papercraft of Water Dwelling Animals:
Thresher Shark
Koi Diorama
Japanese Deep Sea Papercraft
Canadian Wetland Animals

June 27, 2017

Hobbit Papercraft: Erebor Key

Here is a life-size paper model of the Key of Erebor as it appears in the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Erebor (also known as the Lonely Mountain) was once the home of a clan of Dwarves who were driven out when the dragon Smaug arrived to take up residence in the place. The template for this model was created by DeviantART member N8S and may be downloaded here.

Other Movie Prop Papercraft:
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin
Hellraiser Lament Configuration
Goonies Copper Bones
Coraline Seeing Stone

June 19, 2017

Philippines Architecture Paper Models

This photo shows five of twelve free architecture paper models offered by the Republic of the Philippines National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). The collection includes monuments, a theater, shrines, churches, a palace, and a mosque. Each of the models represents a piece of architecture that is significant in the history of the Philippines. PDF templates of the paper models may be downloaded here.

Previous Papercraft Architecture
Vintage Papercraft Village
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45 Czech Churches
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48 German Village Buildings

June 13, 2017

G1 Transformers Papercraft: Soundwave and Buzzsaw

In the Transformers G1 universe, Soundwave is a Decepticon who transforms into a micro-cassette player. Soundwave commands an army of "cassette troops" who, when in their cassette form, may be stored in Soundwave's chest. The Decepticon cassettes in most cases transform into robot animals that are warrior spies. This papercraft Soundwave and Decepticon cassette bird of prey Buzzsaw were created by DeviantART member BHAAD. Templates for these paper models may be downloaded here.

Other Transformers Paper Models:
War for Cybertron Optimus Prime
Transformable Decepticon Jets
Teletraan I Computer
Allspark Cubes
Laserbeak and Ravage

June 5, 2017

Printable Origami Dragon

Here's a novel idea: instead of buying pre-printed patterned origami paper, how about printing paper with a pattern of your own design. That is exactly what Jacque Davis did with this print and fold origami dragon. A copy of her template may be found on Jacque's Flickr page. I really like what she did with the colors and geometric designs!

Other Papercraft Dragons:
2.5D White Dragon
Spirited Away Haku Ornament
Yu-Gi-Oh Winged Dragon of Ra
Minecraft Ender Dragon
3D Asian Dragon Head

May 30, 2017

Futuristic Helicopter Paper Model

This futuristic papercraft helicopter was originally published in the August 2010 issue of ABC, a Czech language magazine for children. To our good fortune, designer Jan Rükr, now graciously offers the template for the helicopter on his personal website: Aliens Papercraft.  Although the instructions are in Czech, excellent 3D diagrams allow even a non-speaker of the language to easily build the model. The official name of the helicopter is the "Raven 4".

Previous Helicopter Paper Models:
Virgin Helicopter Ambulance
AH-64 Apache

May 22, 2017

DIY Papercraft Thor Hammer for Kids

I have featured several different paper models of the war hammer of Marvel Comics' Thor, but this is the first one that is specifically scaled for children. Offered by the Disney Family website, the template for this model may be downloaded here. In both Norse mythology and also in comic books published by Marvel, Thor's hammer is named "Mjolnir". Looking for the Thor helmet in the photo? It is located here.

Other Papercraft Thor Hammers:
1:2 Scale Comic Book Version
1:1 Scale Thor Movie Version
1:1 Scale Avengers Movie Version

May 17, 2017

Marvel Papercraft: Black Cat Bust

Here's a bust of Marvel Comics' Black Cat (no pun intended!). The Black Cat, whose real identity is Felicia Hardy, has a long romantic history with Spider-Man. At one point in their relationship she gained his trust enough for him to reveal his secret identity to her. The template for the bust may be downloaded here. The download includes both Pepakura PDO and PDF files. Model design by Paper-Rock. Build photo by Hugo-Drax.

Other Marvel Papercraft:

X-Men Apocalypse
Ultron Head
Life Size Incredible Hulk
Loki Paper Toy
Galactus Cubee

May 11, 2017

Chibi Breath of the Wild Link Papercraft

Out of the papercraft that has been released for the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild video game, this Link model has to be my favorite.  Given the style of this papercraft, it might look like a model from the 2002 Wind Waker game, but it is actually a chibi version of how an adult Link appears in the newest game. A download of the template may be found here. Breath of the Wild was released in 2017.

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King of Red Lions Origami
Full Size Zora Helmet
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May 9, 2017

Disney Bambi Papercraft

I am not sure, but I believe this papercraft of Disney's Bambi was based on a 3D model from one of the Kingdom Hearts video games. The paper model does a good job of capturing the lovable deer's likeness in 3D form. Pepakura PDO, PDF and also JPG templates for Bambi may be downloaded here. Model design by Corbak. Build photo by Wolfose.

Other Disney Papercraft:
Official Nemo Papercraft
Snow White Magic Mirror Mask
Chibi Beauty and the Beast
Stitch's Ray Gun
Olaf Origami

May 2, 2017

Papercraft Samurai Helmets

This collection of life size papercraft samurai helmets was based on historic helmets held in museums in Japan. The artist who designed the helmets is Kimura Yoshitaka. PDF templates for the helmets may be found here. If you don't know Japanese, it may take you a while to figure out which links to click. ^^ The era of the samurai lasted from the 12th century until the 1860's.

Other Paper Models Related to Japanese Culture:
Torii Papercraft
Kotatsu Cat
Karatsu Kunchi Parade Float Models
Newspaper Kabuto

April 29, 2017

Overwatch Papercraft: Tracer

The 2016 video game Overwatch features a female character named Tracer. Through a freak accident, Tracer gained teleportation and time travel capabilities. A device strapped to her torso allows her to control her powers. This paper model of tracer was created by DeviantART member Avrin-ART. A 74 Mb papercraft template download (available here) includes Pepakura PDO files as well as photo instructions. One of the more difficult parts of the model is the transparent goggles. Avrin gives the model difficulty level a 9 out of 10.

Other Models of Video Game Characters:
Lineage II Female Knight
FFVII Chibi Sephiroth
Street Fighter Ryu
Assassin's Creed Ezio
League of Legends Shaco

April 24, 2017

Printable Sailor Moon Finger Puppets

This is a sampling of a collection of nineteen Sailor Moon finger puppets that were once offered by the now defunct website, I am no Sailor Moon expert, but the collection appears to include a puppet for every major character in the anime series. The printable PDF templates for the puppets may be downloaded here. The templates are large format and should be printed "fit to page" on either Letter or A4 size paper in order for the puppets to be at a usable size.

Other Sailor Moon Papercraft:
Paper Toy Cats
3D Sailor Moon Paper Model
Artemis, Diana, and Luna

April 22, 2017

Wolfenstein Panzerhund Paper Model

The video game Wolfenstein: The New Order was released in 2014. The game is set in alternate history world in which Germany won World War II. In this universe, the Nazis make use of robot dogs known as "Panzerhunde". The Wolfenstein Wiki describes these mecha hounds as "super-efficient murder machines encased in titanium steel armor and fitted with bone-crushing metal jaws that can cut through the thickest of body armor." This paper model Panzerhund was created by Chentzilla. Unlike most video game papercraft, a 3D model from the game was not utilized. The template for the model may be downloaded here. Chentzilla admits his template is "not very user-friendly" which means there are no instructions of any kind. :(

Other Wolfenstein Papercraft:
Human Skull
Tesla Gun

April 16, 2017

Java Sparrow Papercraft

The Java sparrow (sometimes called a Java finch) has been a common cage bird in Asian countries for several centuries. These paper models of Java sparrows were created by Marubun. PDF templates for the birds may be found at the bottom of the page here. There 27 color variations of the model available, including an uncolored version which may be colored as you wish.

Other Papercraft Birds:
Origami Swallows
Lifelike Hummingbirds
Final Fantasy Chocobo
Flying Magpie

April 13, 2017

Pokemon Papercraft: Meowth Balloon

This papercraft Meowth balloon was originally released in 2007. The Pokemon company commissioned papercraft designer Chokipeta to create the model to celebrate the release of the Diamond and Pearl versions of the Nintendo DS Pokemon game. A copy of the PDF template for the balloon is still available here. In the Pokemon anime, a Meowth hot air balloon is the preferred mode of transportation of Team Rocket members Jesse and James.

Other Papercraft Related to Balloons:
Woven Hot Air Balloon Mobile
Easy Disney UP House Paper Model
Detailed Carl's House Papercraft