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October 10, 2012

Borderlands 2 Papercraft: 3D Handsome Jack Mask

After the Borderlands 2 video game was released in September, it was inevitable that papercraft would follow. ^^ This is the first 3D papercraft from B2 I have seen: the mask worn by Handsome Jack. Jack is the primary bad guy in the game.  The task of players is to kill Jack and restore peace to the Earth-like planet of Pandora. The Pepakura PDO template for the life-size mask was created by botman and may be downloaded here. Previously, I posted some 2D Borderlands 2 masks.


  1. Is there wa way I can export this as an STL or OBJ?
    I want to be able to 3d print a Handsome Jack mask, and I do not have the full version of Pepekura.

    1. I think an older version of Pepakura Designer from several years ago supported the export of OBJ files. The newest version does not support the export of the 3D model contained in the PDO file.

    2. I tried to download an older version, and it says it won't open because it is from a new version.

    3. Ah well. It was worth a try...