April 16, 2021

Disney TaleSpin Seaplane Paper Model

Conway L-16 Bastelbogen
Part of Disney's animated television lineup in the 1990's was a show called TaleSpin. TaleSpin was set in the late 1930's and featured anthropomorphized characters from Disney's 1967 movie, The Jungle Book. The show's plot centers around Baloo the Bear who flies a "Conwing L-16" seaplane named Sea Duck. This paper model of the Sea Duck was created by DeviantART member Strangename19, whose design imagines what the airplane would be like if it were real. A PDF template for the model may be downloaded here. This papercraft is not recommended for beginners as there are no instructions and the parts have no gluing tabs. The design of the Conwing L-16 is thought to be a mashup of two real world aircraft: the Grumman HU-16 Albatross and the Fairchild C-82 Packet.

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April 7, 2021

Space Invaders Pop-up

Vintage Video Game Papercraft
The first arcade I remember frequenting had mostly pinball machines. In amongst the pinball machines were two black and white video games: Asteroids and Space Invaders. These pixelated space invader pop-ups bring back memories of carefree hours spent in that arcade. The template for the pop-up invaders was created by Popupology and may be downloaded for free on their website. The invaders are small enough that six of them may be printed on a single sheet of cardstock. The color of the pop-ups in the photo was achieved by printing on yellow cardstock.

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March 31, 2021

1966 Cadillac Paper Model

American Automobile Papercraft
The first Cadillac Coupe de Ville was produced in 1949. The Coupe de Ville went through several generations of design after that time; the most famous era being the late 1950's, during which the car sported some of the largest "tail fins" ever to grace an America automobile. This 1:24 scale paper model by North07 is of the 1966 design for the Coupe. A Pepakura PDO template and instructions may be found on his website located here. North also has a 1963 Chevy Impala model for download as well! In 2006, the Coupe de Ville was renamed the Cadillac DTS.

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March 28, 2021

Japanese Cityscape Papercraft

Tokyo Skyscraper Bastelbogen
This cityscape paper model was created by the Mansei Company as a craft activity for children. The scene depicted is a panorama of the Akihabara area of Tokyo. Akihabara is a major shopping district for electronics and all things related to anime, manga, and video games. The district takes its name from the nearby train station (which is the low brown building in the model). Printable PDFs and photo instructions for this papercraft may be found here.

March 13, 2021

Harry Potter Snape Paper Toy

Harry Potter Bastelbogen
Severus Snape is an important character in the Harry Potter universe. Best known as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, for a period of time, Snape was also Headmaster of the school. This papercraft fan art of Snape is a free printable from Karthik, an illustrator who lives in Berlin. The template for the toy may be downloaded here. Snape figures prominently in the Harry Potter storyline because of his unrequited love of Harry's mother, Lily.

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March 8, 2021

Year of the Ox Papercraft

Animal Paper Toys
In February, these papercraft oxen were created by artist, Aktuelle Beitrage to celebrate 2021, the Year of the Ox in the Chinese zodiac. There are six different oxen available: yellow, white, red, blue, black and a plain black one with no floral decorations.  The PDF template for each of the different oxen may be downloaded here. My favorite part of these paper toys are the birds! ^^

February 28, 2021

Japanese Railroad Paper Models

Locomotive Bastelbogen
I am impressed by the shear quantity of the free papercraft available on the JR West website. There are dozens of models of Japanese trains available for download, everything from nineteenth century steam locomotives to modern day "bullet trains". And as if that was not enough, there are also train station paper models and railroad tracks to go with the trains. Pictured is just a sampling of all that is available. It takes some browsing to get to every piece in the collection, but it is well worth the effort. I am not sure of the exact scale of the models, but the railroad cars appear to be about 8" (20 cm) in length.

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February 20, 2021

End Game Captain America Papercraft

Steve Rogers End Game Bastelbogen
I am a long time Captain America fan. My all-time favorite Cap moment out of the MCU movies was in Avengers: End Game when Steve Rogers picks up Thor's hammer in the battle against Thanos. Imagine my delight, then, when I found this End Game Captain America paper model by WR Papercraft! Standing at about 18" (45 cm) tall, the model is fair-sized, which is a good thing as many of the parts are small. The printable template for the model is available for download here. The download includes both PDF and Pepakura PDO files. Build photos are by Woon.

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