July 31, 2010

Evil Cartoon Animal Automata

These cantankerous automata critters were created by Juan Diego Sanin. Turn the cranks on their backs and their arms wave and the stars on their chests rotate. From left to right we have Gato Satanico (Satanic Cat), Oso Maloso (Bad Bear), and Conejo Malgenio (Cranky Rabbit). Templates for the automata may be downloaded here.

Other Paper Automata:
Haunted Carousel
Minecraft Creeper Attack
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July 28, 2010

Stone Textured Paper Dice

Here's some nice stone textured papercraft dice by artist William McAusland. If the templates for these dice are printed one per page, the dice come out rather large, so I printed out four templates per page instead. Doing so resulted in the finished dice being a more usable size. Six different dice are available, four of which are pictured: d4, d6, d8, and a pair of d10 dice that are equivalent to a d100. Not pictured are the d12 and d20 dice. Templates may be downloaded here.

July 26, 2010

Reborn! Anime Papercraft: Box Weapons & Rings

The Reborn! anime series follows the trials of an Italian mafia family by the name "Vongola". In the show, Tsuna, the last male heir of the Vongola family, is trained by an infant assassin so he may one day take his place as the boss of the family. The mafia assassins in the show make use of "box weapons" that may only be activated by using a corresponding ring. These papercraft versions of the weapons are the work of deviantART member "Desubunny". The box weapon templates may be found here, while the ring templates are available here.

July 25, 2010

Death Eater Mask #1 Build Photo

Gregory Belland sent me this excellent build photo of my Death Eater Mask #1 papercraft. Greg told me he built the mask for a friend then took this photograph which he entitled Death Eater Prepares. Seeing this photo makes me want to do some more Death Eater masks. ;) Nice work Greg!

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July 24, 2010

Realistic Strawberry Papercraft

Mmm, strawberries... This realistic looking papercraft strawberry was created by the folks at the Fragarixie pixie blog. Fragarixie is the home of a online comic about a family of tiny pixies who live in the forest and grow strawberries. The template for the strawberry was offered as a free download in the early days of the blog. As the story goes, Pixie Grandpa found the strawberry template among the ancient Fragarixie scrolls. Click on the picture here to build one of your own.

July 20, 2010

Halo Papercraft: Warthog Military Vehicle

While I was digging around James Bowen's site for the previous post I came across this papercraft from the Halo series of video games. It is a M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, more commonly known as a "Warthog". Pretty neat, eh? This is the first Warthog paper model I have seen and with a template at only 2 pages and 30 parts, it should not be that difficult to build. The template is located here.

Movie and Video Game Character Paper Toys

James Bowen, the creator of Ham Headz paper toys, is probably best known for his superhero paper toys, but over time he has added characters from outside the world of comic books. Pictured above are some of my favorites. Starting in the upper left and going clockwise are Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series of video games, King Leonidas from the movie 300, V from the movie V for Vendetta, and B. A. Baracus (played by Mr. T) from the A Team television show. You gotta love the mini 3D weapons Bowen gives his toys. Templates are available here.

July 18, 2010

Half-Life Snark Papercraft

This papercraft snark from the Half-Life 1 video game was released in 2006, so newer papercrafters may not have seen it before. In the game, snarks are explosive living creatures that may be used as grenade-like weapons. This papercraft is the creation of Bhautik Joshi and may be downloaded here. You will also find a mini Half-Life crowbar paper model and some Quake papercraft at Joshi's site.

July 17, 2010

Minion Paper Toy

One of the readers of my blog who goes by the name "b0bman" has designed his first paper toy. He asked me if I would post his design. Always happy to help a new papercraft artist get started, I said "yes". B0bman calls his paper toy "Minion". I presume this somewhat sinister looking minion has a master somewhere even more sinister than himself. ;) A PDF template of Minion may be downloaded here.

July 13, 2010

Modular Miniature Gaming Castle Papercraft

This castle is a fan modification of a 3D papercraft creation by Fat Dragon Games, a company that produces finely detailed paper buildings and props for miniature games such as Heroclix. The castle is built from modular papercraft units that are stacked on top of each other. The octagonal tower parts come in a free multi-layered, customizable PDF file. The remaining rectangular parts of the castle are available for purchase from Fat Dragon. To download the octagonal tower PDF go here and click on the link labeled "Afet's Tower".

July 11, 2010

Pesky Pirate Paper Toy

The full name of this pirate paper toy is "Pesky Pete Pascoe the Pirate of Penzance". Pete is the work of UK illustrator Trystan Mitchell. I really like Trystan's clean "cartoony" style. This paper toy is not quite all paper as the legs are made out of pencils or wood dowels, but an inventive papercrafter should have no problem rigging up small tubes of paper that will work just as well. The two page template for the pesky pirate is located here.

July 9, 2010

Naruto Papercraft: Sage Mode Jiraiya

This Sage Mode Jiraiya paper model is an outstanding example of Korean papercraft. Jiraiya is a character in the Naruto animated television show which is based on a popular Japanese manga. Jiraiya is a Toad Sage, that is he has been trained by toads in the use of their secret arts. In battle, just before entering the altered state of Sage Mode, Jiraiya summons two elder toads to assist him with their abilities. The elder toads on Jiraiya's shoulders are my two favorite parts of this model. ^^ The template for this model includes the amazingly realistic rocky base shown in the photo. To download the template, go here. I would give credit to this talented designer, but unfortunately I am unable to translate the Korean. :(

July 7, 2010

Papercraft Drink Umbrellas

I don't usually post projects from the "crafty" branch of the papercraft family tree, but I thought these little gems were worthy of attention. Nothing says "festive" like a umbrella in your drink, especially when you are at a summertime party. These do-it-yourself papercraft drink umbrellas come in six different patterns all contained in a single printable PDF file available for download here. In addition to the paper shades, all that is required is wood skewers and some plastic beads for the top.

July 5, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft: Yuffie's Shuriken

I took a break from some of the more complicated papercraft projects I have in progress and put together this simple papercraft based on a 3D model from the Kingdom Hearts 1 video game. The character Yuffie first appeared as a secret character in the Final Fantasy VII video game. In Kingdom Hearts, one notable difference in Yuffie's appearance compared to her FFVII appearance is that her shuriken weapon is much smaller. For this papercraft version of her KH shuriken I tried to make the finished size as close as possible to how it appears in the video game. The template info is as follows:

Scale: 1:1 (estimated)
Finished size: 12" (30.5 cm) tip to tip

Number of pages: 2

Number of parts: 5

Difficulty: 2/5


July 3, 2010

Dragon Wing Tattoo Smart Car Papercraft

"Mad Mike" at the Smart Forum, an online forum for German owners of Smart Cars, has created a Smart Car papercraft based on digital photographs of his very own car. Mike's car has been customized with what he calls "dragon tattoos". I am still curious how he was able to photograph the reflective roof of the car without himself showing up in the reflection. The .GIF template for the car may be downloaded here.