July 5, 2010

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft: Yuffie's Shuriken

I took a break from some of the more complicated papercraft projects I have in progress and put together this simple papercraft based on a 3D model from the Kingdom Hearts 1 video game. The character Yuffie first appeared as a secret character in the Final Fantasy VII video game. In Kingdom Hearts, one notable difference in Yuffie's appearance compared to her FFVII appearance is that her shuriken weapon is much smaller. For this papercraft version of her KH shuriken I tried to make the finished size as close as possible to how it appears in the video game. The template info is as follows:

Scale: 1:1 (estimated)
Finished size: 12" (30.5 cm) tip to tip

Number of pages: 2

Number of parts: 5

Difficulty: 2/5


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