August 31, 2019

Rustic Cottage Papercraft

This is my papercraft release for the month of August: a rustic cottage. I don't remember where I got the 3D model this is based on, but I have had it for a long time. I originally downloaded it to practice creating papercraft templates when I first started the hobby. The finished model is 1:48 scale, the same as Lego mini-figures and "O" scale model railroads. It might be used for miniature gaming, but it is at an odd scale for that purpose. The single page PDF template for the model may be downloaded here. Due to its small size, this model may not be suitable for beginners (I have the roof in mind). If you want an easier-to-build model, for the roof use only the piece with the red shingles, trimming away the fascia boards.  The two soffit pieces then may either be discarded or glued to the back of the shingles.

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August 27, 2019

ThunderCats Lion-O Papercraft

The ThunderCats animated series ran on American television in the late 1980s. The show followed the exploits of a group of cat-like extraterrestrials from the planet Thundera. The leader of the group was a noble named Lion-O. This paper model of Lion-O was created by Titan Papercraft. It has a several cool features. First, the model includes both the dagger version and the full size version of Lion-O's Sword of Omens. Second, the arms and hands are pose-able. And finally, it comes with the Gauntlet of Omens that may be hung from Lion-O's belt or placed on his hand. The Pepakura PDO template for the model may be downloaded here.

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August 18, 2019

Easy Power Rangers Megazord Papercraft

This Megazord papercraft was originally offered in 2014 as a download on the website. As the model was intended for children, it was designed to be easy to build. A copy of the PDF template for the model may still be downloaded here. The Megazord was the result of all five Power Rangers combining their vehicles to form a giant robot. Just the thing you need to fight a giant monster. ;)

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August 13, 2019

Star Trek Papercraft: Mini Wrath of Khan Ships

My favorite motion picture of  the original series of Star Trek movies is Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In the film, Captain Kirk and Khan battle each other in space, Kirk in the U.S.S. Enterprise (of course!) and Khan in the U.S.S. Reliant which he has commandeered. These mini paper models of the Enterprise and the Reliant were created by Rawen. PDF templates for the ships may be downloaded here. I am not entirely sure, but I believe these models are 1:250 scale.

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August 5, 2019

Mercury Capsule Paper Model

Project Mercury was the United States' first human spaceflight program. There were six flights in all. The first occurred in 1961 and the last in 1963. This 1:24 scale paper model of the Mercury capsule comes with the launch escape system (LES) used in the flights. The idea was if there was a problem with the launch, the red rocket would fire and lift the capsule off the top of the main rocket, carrying it away to safety. The printable PDF template for the capsule may be downloaded here. The model was designed by T. Noteboom in 2004.

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