July 26, 2009

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Papercraft

Last week was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon mission, so the thoughts of some papercrafters (like myself) have been turned towards papercraft models of spacecraft. Here is one of the best crafted models I have seen in the spacecraft category. This 1:48 scale Apollo 11 Lunar Module was created by Japanese designer U-Don. If you would like to attempt his ultra-detailed papercraft yourself, U-Don has provided a 13 page template along with 14 pages of photographic instructions on his web page here.


  1. Buen diseño, peor yo dudo mucho que USA aya llegado a la Luna ...
    Pero de todas maneras buen diseño ...

  2. ¿Podría ser quizás uno de los que creen que USA la luna era una falsa alarma por el gobierno? :)

    Would you perhaps be one of those who believe that the USA moon landing was a hoax by the government? :)

  3. FYI. The link doesn't work anymore. The guy discontinued his webpage service in October 2010. =(

  4. The link for the download has now been updated! I managed to find the creator's new website.