July 6, 2009

Star Trek Papercraft: PADD

Another Star Trek papercraft is finished. This is the Elite Force video game's version of a Starfleet "personal access display device" or PADD for short. Think of it as a hand held computer interface. I made this papercraft 1:2 scale rather than 1:1 scale like the previous Star Trek device models because it was just too floppy at 1:1 scale and also the model's texture is somewhat grainy and looks better at a smaller scale. Here is the template info:

Scale: 1:2
Finished Size: 3" (7.6 cm) x 4.5" (11.5 cm)

Number of sheets: 1

Number of parts: 8

Difficulty: 1/5


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UPDATE 12/28/12: An improved version of this paper model is available here!


  1. another great model. thanks for all of the st prop papercrafts.

    eagerly waiting to see more of them!

  2. Thanks so much for your support!

  3. Dude, i love your posts! their the best on the web :D do you know why these models always have to be so fuzzy looking? i believe it might be because its taken from a smaller size image but i dont know for sure....thanks!

  4. Older video games used low resolution images which were mapped onto the 3D objects in the game. The images were never meant to be viewed up close, so when you enlarge the images to make life size paper models they tend to look fuzzy or pixelated. That's my best explanation. :)