July 8, 2009

Sims 3 Plumb-bob Papercraft and Origami

In the Sims 3 video game a marker called a "plumb-bob" hovers over the head of a selected character and indicates the character's mood by its color. A green plumb-bob indicates a good mood, while a red plumb-bob indicates a horrible mood. DeviantART artist "killer094" of Finland has created nicely textured papercraft versions of both the green and red plumb-bobs. Template downloads are available here and here. If you would rather make an origami version of a Sims plumb-bob, "phreed83" at Ehow.com has instructions posted here. The photo at right shows the origami plumb-bob rigged to wear on your head for cosplay or Halloween. For a joke, I'd hang one of these over my desk at work if I thought anyone there would have a clue what it was.^^

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