July 24, 2009

Full Size Tron Helmet Papercraft

This is a full size papercraft model of the helmet that the character Alan Bradley wears after he is teleported inside a computer in the Tron 2.0 video game. Alan is the computer programmer who wrote the Tron program. The Alan Bradley character was played by actor Bruce Boxleitner in the Tron movie and voiced by Boxleitner in the video game. Except for the more elaborate decorative pattern, this helmet is very similar to helmets seen in the original movie. I was very pleased with how well the parts of this model fit together when I was building it. The finished model is sturdy enough to be worn, but it may require some padding inside to get it to fit correctly. Here is the template info:

Scale: 1:1
Finished Size: approximately 8"(20.3 cm) "ear to ear"
Number of sheets: 9
Number of parts: 35
Difficulty: 2/5
Download (includes lined & unlined PDF's and a PDO)

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  1. awsome i made the goggles so im gonna try and make this

  2. Great! Go for it! Send me a photo of your build if you can. :)

  3. This helmet is great! I'm building it with my kid right now, he's very excited.

  4. That's wonderful Ann! I enjoy hearing stories about parents sharing papercraft projects with their kids.

  5. Wow. I just built your helmet and am currently wearing it right now. It is sooooo cool. I was wondering if you could make the texture available so we could recolor the lines. I would love to make a green lined helmet or a yellow lined helmet.

  6. Hey king,
    Actually, one of my readers took the Tron helmet template and traced it in Adobe Illustrator. They created both a blue and a yellow version. I will be posting these whenever I can find time to convert the AI files to a PDF... As for a green Tron helmet, I have a special one which I will release eventually. :)

  7. Do you know the password to unlock this file in Pepakura designer so that it can be scaled to the proper size to actually wear it?

  8. Unfortunately, I don't usually provide unlocked files due to past copyright infringement problems, but look for some downsized Tron helmets to be posted soon.

    Regarding the "proper" size of the helmet... The original size fits me just fine, but I guess not everyone has as large a cranium as I. XD

  9. I love the file, it just doesn't work if your using craftrobo.

  10. Yes, you are correct. Don't files need to be configured in a special way in order to be done with craftrobo?