October 16, 2012

KH2 Papercraft: Castle That Never Was Treasure Chest

For old times sake, I created another Kingdom Hearts II treasure chest paper model to add to the collection of eleven chests I released last year. In the video game, this chest may be found in the "Castle That Never Was" which is the headquarters of Organization XIII. The template for this papercraft may be downloaded here. Here are links to some of my favorite chests in the series:

Halloween Town Treasure Chest
Beast's Castle Treasure Chest
Disney Castle Treasure Chest
100 Acre Wood Treasure Chest
Aladdin (Agrabah) Treasure Chest


  1. I've downloaded your KH2 treasure chests since you started but never thanked you for creating them. So... Thanks times a million! It's awesome that somebody is continuing the line of KH in-game items since that one papercrafter stopped after the KH1 treasure chests and "orbs".

    1. Thanks! I am glad you have enjoyed the chests.