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January 14, 2009

Tron Bit Papercraft - Alternate Templates

Based on some comments I received after posting my Tron Bit papercraft design, I have created some alternate templates.

First, I have re-colored templates of the Yes Bit. For the original Yes Bit template I had sampled the color from a digital image of the Bit which gave me a dark orange color. Some Tron fans feel the Yes Bit's true color is closer to yellow than orange, so I searched through other digital images from the movie until I found a more yellow image and then sampled it for the re-colored template. The image and the resulting model are shown on the left. It is still a little orange in my opinion, but much closer to yellow than the original model.

Secondly, I have created versions of the original temples with all fold lines eliminated except for the fold lines at the gluing flaps. This will allow more experienced papercrafters to build cleaner looking, lineless models if they desire.

A zip file of the re-colored Yes Bit templates (with and without fold lines) may be downloaded here. A zip file of the three original templates without fold lines may be downloaded here. If you missed the original post for the lined templates of the Bit, you can see it here.


  1. This is just great! Thank you for your wonderful response!

    I was actually so excited about this project I went ahead and painstakingly digitally removed all the fold lines from screen caps of the pdf files, but this will be filed away as its much cleaner.

    Neutral and Yes were a breeze to build, and as expected, No is a bear. I can't wait to display these on my desk at work.



  2. You are welcome, Jon. I guess you are finding out why I put an exclamation point after the 5 out of 5 difficulty level on my first post of the No Bit! It was a bear for me as well, but it does come together fairly well in the end.