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April 25, 2012

Thor Hammer Papercraft (Avengers Version)

Rumor has it Thor's hammer has been restyled for the upcoming Avengers movie. Just in time for the movie's opening, George Salire has modified his full scale Mjolnir papercraft to create an Avengers version of the hammer.  The template for the Asgardian weapon may be downloaded here. Previous Mjolnir paper models posted on Tektonten Papercraft include:  A half size comic book version, a full scale comic book version, and a full scale Thor movie version.


  1. I have been trying to make an awesome mjolnir replica, and your plans seem really nice! May i know the dimensions of this hammer?

    1. This papercraft mjolnir was made by a friend of mine, so I am not sure of the exact dimensions. If you follow the link to the download website you can message the person who created it (George Salire)