August 27, 2015

Vintage Lincoln Cabin Papercraft

I was unable to determine the origin of this antique paper model of Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. The template is written in Danish and seems to be part of a papercraft series of famous houses from around the world. I think it is likely the model was published by the Danish magazine Illustreret Familie-Journal. A scan of the template may be found here. To give you a sense of the scale of the model, the flagpole is a toothpick.

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 in a one room log cabin near Hodgenville, Kentucky. The exact appearance of the cabin in which he was born is not known. The structure depicted in the paper model is a reconstruction built in the late 1800's. At the time the replica cabin was built, it was believed that some of the logs used in its construction came from the original Lincoln family home.

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