September 10, 2009

MechWarrior 3 Papercraft: Shadow Cat

The Shadow Cat is one of the more popular medium class mechs available in the MechWarrior 3 video game. Weighing in at 45 tons, it is fast, has jump jets, and is capable of carrying a wide range of weapons. This papercraft version of the Shadow Cat is the creation of "MadCatManiac" and "Cantaris" at the forum. Pictured above is the desert camouflage color scheme which is my favorite out of the eight color schemes available. A download of the eight templates may be found here. The templates are available in Pepakura PDO format only.

Update 2/14/2010:
I received an e-mail from MadCatManiac who filled me on the details of the creation of this model. The following Mech3 forum members were involved in the project: Eaterofpies (ripped the 3D model from the video game), MadCatManiac (created the template from the 3D model) and Cantaris (applied textures to the model).

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