September 7, 2009

Star Trek Papercraft: Mobile Emitter

Here's a simple Star Trek Elite Force papercraft while I finish up more complex projects. This is the mobile emitter worn by the Emergency Medical Hologram doctor on the starship Voyager. The mobile emitter is a self-contained holographic projector, generating the photons and force fields necessary to allow the holographic doctor to move outside the confines of the medical bay holographic emitters (even so far as to leave the ship entirely!).

Template Info

Scale: 1:1

Finished Size: 2" (5 cm) x 2.25" (5.7 cm) x 0.875"(2.2 cm)

Number of sheets: 1

Number of parts: 1

Difficulty: 1/5


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  1. this looks great! just curious- anyone know if there is a paper model of a Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh? i think that would be great! it would be fun to build and use.

  2. I haven't come across any papercraft Duel Disks but I did see one at:

    It looks like it was made out of corrugated cardboard and painted. If you contact the author he might be able to tell you how he made it. Good luck!