January 9, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Papercraft - Jedi Holocron

A couple of months ago I mentioned I wanted to start designing some Star Wars papercraft. Last week I completed my first two designs! These simple 1:1 scale paper models are of the holocron and the Kyber memory crystal which the bounty hunter Cad Bane steals from the Jedi in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series. As the story line of the series reveals, the Kyber crystal contains information on every known Force-sensitive child in the Star Wars universe, but the information can only be accessed by inserting the crystal inside the holocron. The template for these two papercraft may be downloaded here.


  1. a great job as usual! was also wondering- is there a stimpy paper model out there? i know bazookajo's site has a ren model, but i have never found a stimpy model anywhere. can anyone help me? i am building them for a friend. b0bman

  2. Bazookajo started a nice looking Stimpy model but apparently he never finished it: