January 25, 2011

Kingdom Hearts Papercraft: Cid Highwind's Goggles

I finally got around to finishing another Kingdom Hearts papercraft. This is a 1:1 scale paper model of Cid Highwind's goggles as they appear in the Kingdom Hearts II video game. Cid Highwind first appeared as a character in Final Fantasy VII. After FFVII, Cid appeared in several more video games, including both Kingdom Hearts I and II. Although his appearance differs from game to game, one constant of his costume is a pair of goggles perched on his forehead. As the template for the goggles consists of only one page of five parts, I give this papercraft a difficulty level of a mere 1 on a scale of 5. A download of the template is available here.


  1. cute eyes, and of course very good papercraft jejejeje XD

  2. Just so you know... That's not me in the photo, but he is a close relative of mine. ;) I'll tell him you said he has cute eyes. :)

  3. XD OK OK I like the idea. Seriously, I like your blog, and although I do not usually leave comments, I'm following you closely Xd, Greetings