October 14, 2015

Miniature Spaceballs Winnebago Papercraft

In the 1987 Star Wars parody movie, Spaceballs, the character Lone Starr pilots a "space Winnebago" called Eagle 5. A paper model of the Eagle 5 was created in 2012 by papercraft designer, Squirmydad. Squirmydad's templates for both a 15mm scale model and a larger version may be downloaded here (look near the bottom of the page). The build photo above by DeviantART member, Dented-Rick, shows a "miniaturized" version of the model that can be achieved by printing the 15mm template at a smaller scale.

UPDATE 10/15/15 - It has come to my attention that the model in the photo is not Squirmydad's design! It is a different model designed by Butch Price. The template for Butch's model may be downloaded here.  Both are excellent models, but each has a slightly different appearance. From what I can tell, Butch's model is closer in appearance to the actual Winnebago that appeared in the movie. Sorry for any confusion!

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