April 10, 2011

Tron Helmet Papercraft Redux

Back in December when Tron: Legacy was released, a group that likes to call themselves "Space Cat Press Video Warriors" fancied the idea of wearing old school Tron helmets to the movie opening. The Warriors decided that my Tron 2.0 helmet paper model was just the ticket and took it upon themselves to revamp the papercraft template to meet their needs. First, they traced the entire template in Adobe Illustrator to eliminate the pixelation of the original video game textures. Second, they created two different colored templates, one in "Flynn blue" and the other in "Clu yellow". Finally, they scaled the helmet's size down to 95% of the original helmet (their craniums must be smaller than mine ^^). I have converted their Illustrator files into PDF files and made them available here. Just for fun, below is a clip of Clu from the original Tron movie. The style of the "Clu yellow" papercraft helmet is somewhat different from what Clu actually wears in the movie, but I think the Warriors were pretty close to the mark on the color. Oh, our friend the Bit makes an appearance in the video clip as well. :)

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