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April 23, 2011

Maniac Mansion Papercraft: Purple Tentacle

The 1993 PC game, Day of the Tentacle, is a sequel to the 1987 graphic adventure game, Maniac Mansion. The villain of Day of the Tentacle is a purple, sentient tentacle appropriately known as "The Purple Tentacle." The Hellforge gaming website began offering this Purple Tentacle papercraft back in 2009. The download for the Tentacle works well enough, but on my computer at least an error message pops up when attempting to open the RAR file. But by ignoring the error message and proceeding anyway, I was able to extract one of the two templates. The build photo above is by Destro2k.

UPDATE: As of 5/1/2011 the Hellforge website is down. Destro2k has graciously provided the template for those who are interested. Just click on the link above to his DeviantART page then look for the "download file" link in the upper right hand corner.


  1. Download link is down, the site is under (re)construction. Could you share the file? Thanks!

  2. hey hey :)
    the website is down,
    i uploaded the file to dA until the site is back online

    by the way
    thx for that little feature :)

  3. Thanks for making the template available while Hellforge is under construction, Destro!

  4. I would also love to do this papercraft, can you tell me where you uploadexd the template to? I don't know what dA is.

  5. @Wonderboy,here's what you do...

    Click on the light blue word "Destro2k" in the paragraph above under the picture. This will take you to the DA website. Once there, click on the blue words "Download File" in the upper right hand corner of the page.