August 8, 2012

Metriod Papercraft: Life-size Samus Aran Armor

I was impressed by this effort: a life-size paper model of Samus Aran's armor! Using a 3D model from Metroid Prime 2 video game, Flickr member IAmThatOneGuy built the 6'-10" (2.1 meters) tall model over the course of several months. Unfortunately, there is no download  for this one, but I had to share because of the "coolness" factor. ^^ More photos of the build may be seen here.


  1. I have to admit: I wondered if you'd ever post that here. Your blog is one of the things that got me started on papercrafting in the first place.

    If anyone's interested, I do have the the pattern for the model (and another for a slightly smoothed version of the helmet) on Etsy:

  2. FYI, I just put up a collection of specifically Metroid themed papercraft, including a number of new models I'd been playing around with. It's at if anyone's interested.