January 18, 2012

Animation Style Batman Papercraft

I was unable to find much information on this Batman papercraft I came across. It looks like it may have been modeled after one of the Batman animated TV series from the 1990's, but whether it was created from scratch or from a video game 3D model I can't say. The PDO file for the model says it was unfolded by "Cuguel" who may be the same person who was involved in creating the Alien xenomorph life cycle papercraft I posted a while back. The Pepakura template for this paper model is available here.


  1. The legs are too small on this model. I recommend increasing them by at least 50% in size while keeping the feet about the same size. It would be a significant improvement.

  2. The e-mail address of the designer of this papercraft is listed in the PDO file if you would like to send them your suggestions.