August 15, 2009

Star Wars Papercraft: Imperial Starships

These Imperial starship papercraft models were created by "Da~Wind" in 2006. I am no expert when it comes to Star Wars spacecraft, but I believe that both these ships have only appeared in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (i.e. comic books, video games etc.). My experience with these type of ships has been through the Star Wars: Empire at War video game. The upper starship is a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser which is said to be one of the older types of vessels used by the Imperial Navy. The lower starship is an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer. The distinguishing feature of these ships are the domed structures that contain gravity well projectors which prevent enemy ships from escaping to hyperspace. The templates for these ships are available in Pepakura PDO format only, but the nice thing is that the PDO files are unlocked so you can make changes to the layout and scale of the template if you desire. The templates may be downloaded here. While you are there check out the extensive collection of Homeworld paper models by Erick Muñoz.