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June 29, 2015

Papercraft Zelda Lightbox Diorama

Papercraft lightboxes are similar to Japanese tatebanko dioramas. Tatebanko dioramas create depth by spacing layers of paper cutouts inside a paper box. Lightboxes make of use the same layering technique, but add a light source behind the diorama to further increase the sense of depth in the scene. Otaku Crafts has created a series of papercraft lightboxes based on Studio Ghibli movies and video games. Pictured is a diorama containing the Master Sword from the Zelda video games. The template for this and other lightboxes may be downloaded from Otaku Crafts' webpage here.

In 2010, I released a tatebanko-like paper theater that could, at least in theory, be modified to become a light box diorama. An image of the finished theater and a download of the template may be found here.

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