April 26, 2015

KH2 Treasure Chest Papercraft

For old times sake, I have added one last chest to my Kingdom Hearts 2 papercraft treasure chest series. The last time I added to the series was in 2012! This is the thirteenth chest. This particular chest is a generic chest of sorts and appears in several different areas within the game. A download of the PDF template for the chest is available here.

Previous Treasure Chests in the series:
Castle That Never Was
Christmas Town
Olympus Coliseum
Halloween Town
Timeless River
Beast's Castle
Land of Dragons
Disney Castle
Port Royal
Space Paranoids
100 Acre Wood
Aladdin (Agrabah)


  1. Hiya,
    My friend is thinking of making these as the thank you lolly boxes for her gamer themed wedding. Which is the best order when it comes to sticking them together that you can suggest? Coz it's always that last flap that gives me so much hassle when I do paper craft. Thanks!

    1. I suggest building the chest exterior on page 2 of the template first. Next glue the "Lid Interior" in place. Finally, glue the "Interior of Chest" to the "Chest Rim" before gluing them both inside the chest. Good luck!