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January 7, 2015

WoW Thresher Shark Papercraft

The animals in the World of Warcraft video game make excellent paper models! Pictured is one such example: a thresher shark. The template for this papercraft shark was created by Dennis Griesheimer. Included in the template download (here) are four alternate textures for the model (in case you prefer a different color). Build photo by Eatcrow2.


  1. The PDO is not working. It is not opening up. Could you please contact the creator and have him fix it? It is such a cool pattern and I would like to build it. Thanx.Omix4

    1. I tried opening the PDO myself and did not have a problem. I noticed the PDO is locked, so it will only open with Pepakura Viewer. Did you perhaps by mistake try to open the PDO with Pepakura Designer instead of Pepakura Viewer?