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May 12, 2013

Futurama Pizza Paper Toy

This paper toy is of a Panucci's Pizza box as it appears in the animated television show Futurama. The main character of the show is Philip J. Fry, who in 1999 works as a pizza delivery boy for Panucci's. This is the fifth in my ongoing pizza paper toy series. The pizza inside this one is a barbecue chicken pizza with onions. The PDF template is available here.

Previous Pizzas in the Series:
Disney World Pizza (cheese)
Domino's Pizza (green pepper and black olive)
Darth Maul Pizza (pepperoni)
McDonald's Pizza (supreme)


  1. Very funny! I am adding it to my pizzas collection!

  2. Because the model is so simple.

  3. Looks like model is now blocked. :-(

    1. I just tried and was able to download the model. Perhaps it was a temporary block. Try again.