October 3, 2011

Doctor Who Robot Animal Papercraft Models

This collection of papercraft robot animals from the BBC television series Doctor Who is the work of Mike Daws. In the upper left is the K-9 Mark 2 robot dog from the Doctor Who spin-off, K-9. In the upper right, is an army of cybermats ("pets" of the Cybermen) as they appear in Series 6 of the show. In the lower right is a robot parrot called a "polyphase avatron" which appears in an older episode of Doctor Who entitled "The Pirate Planet". Finally in the lower left corner, is the 1960's version of a cybermat. The templates for the robots may be found through the following links:

K-9 Mark 2
Series 6 Cybermats
Polyphase Avatron
60's Cybermat

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