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May 30, 2011

Pop Culture Paper Toy Tubes

Designer and animator Eduardo Souzacampus has created a delightful series of simple paper toys which he calls "Tubeland". Each of the toys is assembled by rolling a single piece of paper into a tube, then gluing it in place. Pictured above are the paper toys representing Darth Vader, Carmen Miranda, and Nintendo's Mario. A wide range of pop culture characters are available including historical figures (Da Vinci, Mozart, etc), cartoon characters (Betty Boop, Flintstones, etc), and soccer players (Pele, Ronaldo Fenomeno). One of my personal favs is the Heath Ledger Joker paper toy. All 24 of the Tubeland paper toys may be downloaded here.


  1. Hi brilliant tubes, the download link for the 24 models does not work though does anybody have these please

    1. The link in the post above has been updated. You should be able to download most of the tube paper toys now.