March 23, 2011

Papercraft Green Lantern Mask

Green Lantern, a DC Comics' superhero, will finally make it to the big screen this June. There have been several versions of Green Lantern in comic books since the 1940's, but the upcoming movie will feature Hal Jordan, the Silver Age version of the character. One thing common to all Green Lanterns over the years is a green mask. Pictured above is a papercraft version of Green Lantern's mask by Dancin_Fool at The template for the mask is available in Pepakura PDO format only and comes uncolored (white), so if you want the green color shown, either you will need to modify the unlocked PDO or paint the mask after it is built. The mask template may be downloaded here.


  1. You can also print it on green paper ;-)

  2. Nice idea! I didn't think of that. :)

  3. do you know of anyone making a ring and power battery from the comic books?

  4. Off hand, I don't know of anyone making a ring or power battery...

  5. or another option to make it green if you don't have green paper (cause let's face it, it would probably look the best if you have green card stock, I alas, do not) what I did:
    *Save a .bmp file of just a green square.
    *In pepakura, go to menu-Setting-Texture Setting, and upload your green square to the texture of the mask. You now have a green mask!
    *In addition, I suggest printing a big green square covering the back of the page and make THAT the front of the mask. Then no lines or numbers on the face... just the backside. : )
    Thanks for the awesome template!

  6. Awesome suggestions! I couldn't have said it better myself. :)

  7. useless. What is a pdo file format? what is wrong with a jpg or pdf?

    1. PDO is a file format many experienced papercrafters prefer. It has many advantages (which I won't go into). PDO files may be opened with Pepakura Viewer. A free download of the program may be found here: