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August 4, 2010

Galleon and Pirate Ship Paper Models

These two sailing ship papercraft were created by the Atocha Treasure Company. On the left is the Spanish galleon Nuetstra Senora De Atocha which sank in a hurricane off the coast of Florida in 1622. Modern treasure hunters were able to locate the wreckage and salvage the Atocha's treasure in 1985. On the right is a generic model of a buccaneer pirate ship from the same time period as the Atocha. A low-res sample template for the galleon is posted here while a low-res sample template for the pirate ship is posted here. Pre-printed, high resolution templates may be ordered from the ATC for a price. 

UPDATE 3/1/2015: Pre-printed hi-res templates are no longer offered by ATC. In fact, the ATC paper model website no longer exists. The links to the low-res versions now point to alternate locations where images of the templates have been preserved.


  1. was not able to download free models

    1. The website no longer exists. Follow the updated links in the post above to view the only available images of the templates.