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January 7, 2010

Iron Man Helmet Paper Model

The 2008 Iron Man movie has inspired a lot of great papercraft and here is another one to add to the list. This full size Iron Man helmet was created by a Texas papercrafter known online only as "DungBeetle". In addition to this movie accurate helmet, DungBeetle is also working on some 1:1 scale armor, but as of yet the helmet is the only piece to which color has been added. A free download of the helmet is available here. The download includes both PDF and Pepakura PDO templates.


  1. Wow this is incredible, good work!
    I'd love to get it but unfortunately Pepakura only works on Windows(!) so ironically my Mac can't do a thing with it. Is there any chance you can export this as a .pdf file or similar? Would be ace to share this with all the Apple users out there :)

  2. i need help does anyone have any instructions for this i am not that smart i guess help me please!!!!!

  3. Clicked on link three times and each time it said link was no good.

    1. The link has been repaired. Try again.