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January 14, 2013

Skyrim Papercraft: Ancient Nord Helmet

Here's another great papercraft Skyrim helmet from Kuraudo3. This helmet is the Ancient Nord Helmet which is a piece of heavy armor similar to the Iron Helmet. A Pepakura PDO is available upon request from Kuraudo3 by contacting him here. If PDO's are not your thing, I have created Letter and A4 size PDF templates which may be download here.


  1. where can i get instructions on how to fold it, i printed out, but this is my first paper craft project for a cosplay. Any input would help.

    1. Hi Bobby. Unfortunately there are no instructions available. If you printed out the PDF file I created then: fold "mountain" folds on the dashed lines and fold "valley" folds on the dash-dot lines. Glue the numbered tabs to the same number found on another part. It is helpful to download Kurado's PDO cause it will show in 3D where each piece goes. The PDO file can be opened with Pepakura Viewer, a free program found here: