November 5, 2012

Skyrim Papercraft: Septim Coins

The Septim coin is the main currency In the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video game. According to the Skyrim Wiki:
"The Septim is named after the dynasty that rules the Septim Empire founded by Tiber Septim. It is officially called a Septim due to the bust of Tiber Septim on the obverse side. The legend on the obverse (front) is: The Empire is Law. The Law is Sacred. The reverse reads: Praise be, Akatosh and all the Divines."
The template for these papercraft Septims may be downloaded here. This is my third Skyrim papercraft release. Previously released were a Runed Lexicon Cube and a Dwemer Puzzle Cube.


  1. This is asking for a pdf password. Can't view it or anything.

    1. A password is required if you attempt to open the PDF with Photoshop or a similar graphics program. Try opening it with a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat and it should work.