June 26, 2012

Papercraft Asian Dragon Head

Sometimes papercraft is good enough it reaches the status of "paper art". Such is the case with this Asian dragon head paper model by Cheek Patch. Ancient documents from the Han Dynasty in China describe Asian dragons as having "a camel's head, a demon's eyes, a cow's ears, a deer's horns, a clam's belly, a snake's neck, an eagle's claws, a tiger's paws and 117 carp scales." (a tad bit more complex than an European dragon don't you think? ^^).  The free PDF template for this paper sculpture may be downloaded here.


  1. nice one managed to make it in 6 hours, quite easy eept the left hand (the smaller one) that is qute tricky to make as you have to glue the fingers first then to put the "wrist"

  2. whr cn i get the instructions.. :( badly wana try this ..

    1. 3d construction diagrams are given on the download page. I don't know if any other type of instructions available.

  3. i hope i can make this fantastic piece of paper art