March 21, 2012

Pacific Northwest Style Totem Pole Papercraft

The totem poles of the US Pacific Northwest are an art form of the Native Americans of that region.  According to the Manataka American Indian Council, totems are non-religious in nature:
"Totem figures are not Gods. Totems are not worshiped like religious icons nor used as a  talisman.  They were never used to ward off evil spirits and claims of bizarre, magical "totemism" practices are fiction.   A totem pole may be compared to the symbolism portrayed in the Great Seal of the United States or a Coat of Arms.  These national emblems are roughly equivalent to the meaning bound up in a totem pole except they identified clans not an entire nation."
 This papercraft totem pole was designed by Glitschka Studios who have offices in the Pacific Northwest and who have found inspiration in the local culture for their illustration work.

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