April 23, 2010

Half-Life 2 Papercraft: HEV Suit Shin Armor

For most of Half-Life 2, a Mark V HEV suit is worn by Dr. Gordon Freeman, the main character of the video game. HEV is an acronym for "Hazardous EnVironment", so in the game the suit was designed to be worn by scientists when handling hazardous materials in a laboratory environment. The suit consists of a body glove covered by various pieces of armor. I received a request a while back to do a full size papercraft HEV suit. My hectic work schedule of late prevented me from releasing any of it before now, but the first piece is finally complete! Over the coming months I will attempt to release the various pieces of armor that make up the HEV suit. First up is the "shin armor". The template info for it is as follows:
Scale 1:1
Finished size: 20.5" (52.2 cm) x 7.7" (19.5 cm) x 6.1" (15.5 cm)
Number of pages: 10
Number of parts: 30
Difficulty: 3/5
The template for the shin armor is based on the right leg of a 3D model from the game. The paper model is symmetrical enough that it can be worn on either leg, but if anyone is a stickler for detail and would like a reversed template for the left leg, send me an e-mail request. I tried on the test build of the shin armor and it was almost an exact fit. However, I am 5'11" (180cm) tall, so someone of a different height may need to modify the template in order to get it to fit correctly.


  1. I tried downloading this, but the size doesn't fit me right. However, when I try and open it in Adobe Photoshop, it says I need a password. Help!

  2. Ah, the pitfalls of creating "life size" papercraft from video games... One size does not fit all! :) E-mail me at the address listed on my profile and I will try to help you get it to the size you need.