November 19, 2009

Star Wars Papercraft: RPG Holocron

Occasionally, people who play roleplaying games (RPG) like to create props to enhance their game play experience. Such was the case when Wizards of the Coast forum member Ironlightsaber created this papercraft Jedi holocron for a campaign he wrote for the Star War Miniatures RPG. This cube shaped holocron was designed to be put together without glue, but for the one I built I went ahead and glued it anyway so that the seams would be tighter. The template for the holocron may be downloaded here.


  1. That is not a Holocron that is the puzzel box from the Hellraiser series

    1. Well, it is similar to the Hellraiser cubes but you are mistaken. Here is what the Hellraiser Lament Configuration looks like: