June 11, 2009

Tron's Identity Disc Papercraft

Back in January after I posted my Tron Bit papercraft I got a request to do some Tron identity disc papercraft. Today I am finally delivering! The 3D model used to create this papercraft was taken from the Tron 2.0 video game. I created a disc texture to match Tron's own identity disc as it appeared in the original movie. Other disc models I am planning on posting in the future are Sark's identity disc and Jet's identity disc from Tron 2.0. The the disc base is my own design and is intended to match the bases that go with the Bits. In the Tron universe identity discs have multiple functions including offensive weapon, defensive weapon, and data storage device. Here is Tron making use of his disc in battle:

Here is the papercraft template info:
Scale: estimated between 1:2 and 1:3
Finished Size: 8.5"(21.6 cm)
Number of sheets: 2
Number of parts: 9
Difficulty: 2/5


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  1. I've never clear that game but I like this disc, It's very nice papercraft :)

  2. Tekton,
    I am assuming you make this on a 3D program and then export it as a PDF. is this correct?

    I would like to me a larger version (2 foot diameter) of the disc but need the 3D or .pdo file to do so.

    can you offer any help? Your work is great and i'd love to show it off at Tron30th.com