February 6, 2009

Paper Dice Bonanza

Bruno Van de Casteele at www.puam.be has created a series of ten paper dice for use in role-playing games (RPG). The dice designs range from a two sided die all the way up to a pair of ten sided dice that can be used to simulate the roll of a single one hundred sided die. Five of Bruno's designs are shown. From left to right, following the notation common in RPG systems, the dice are a d8, a d10, a d4, a d20, and a d6. If the dice templates are printed without modification, the resulting dice come out rather large as can be seen by the size of the red d10 (I have added a quarter to the photo for reference). I was able to get a smaller scale on the other four dice by printing two templates per one sheet of cardstock. Downloads of the templates are available in both PDF and GIF format.


  1. It is nice dices.
    I use these dices for Call of Cthulhu.
    Thank you!