December 29, 2008

Volkswagen Papercraft - Cartoon Herbie

VW Beetle Series, Part 3
This is an odd cartoonish papercraft of Disney's Herbie the Love Bug. I am not sure of the origin of this model. I assume it was originally produced in the 60's or 70's as a publicity item for one of the series of Herbie movies that were released at the time. The instructions included with the template seem to indicate that it was intended for children and that it was probably printed on the back of a box of some kind. The 3D decoupage-like design of the fenders causes the Beetle to look somewhat strange when seen directly from the front or rear. A free download of the Beetle is available here.


  1. i am a paper artist and i collect old toy premiums this herbie was on the back of cherrios box in 1981 to 85 one of theses years i remember getting it ,

  2. Hi Taron. Thanks for the additional information! The mystery is solved.