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June 21, 2010

MechWarrior 4 Zeus Papercraft

Here's another 1:40 scale MechWarrior 4 paper model by Shiftdel at the forum. This particular model is of the Zeus, known in the MechWarrior world for it's excellent long range sniper capabilities. A download of the template (Pepakura PDO format only) is available here. The original model comes in a snow camouflage color scheme, but MechWarrior fan, CMOSturm, has created twelve additional skins for the model (all of which are included in the download).  One of CMOSturm's skins is shown on the right. 

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  1. great looking model, can't wait to build it!
    also, i have made a hako figure, but i don't have anywhere to post it. would you be able to post it for me if i sent you the model? it's a one sheet model, and it's my first try at designing a model. and i'd like to know what you and others think about it.
    one last thing: has anyone made a model yet of a 'face-hugger' creature from Aliens? after seeing the crab from half-life, it just seems logical that it would be next. b0bman

  2. Hey,b0bman. Go ahead and send me your model at the e-mail address listed on my profile. I would love to take a look at it! I haven't seen a facehugger papercraft anywhere yet, but a while back I was considering making one myself. All I need is a good 3D model...

  3. the model is on it's way. b0bman