April 13, 2009

Marvel Papercraft - Eye of Agamotto

In the Marvel Comics universe perhaps no hero wields greater magical powers than Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange possesses numerous magical artifacts which he uses to amplify his power, but there are only two he keeps on his person at all times. One is the Cloak of Levitation wrapped around his shoulders and the other is the Eye of Agamotto fastened at his throat. In this papercraft design I created two versions of the Eye of Agamotto to reflect the varying ways the amulet has been portrayed by different comic book artists over the years. In some cases artists have portrayed the amulet as an open golden eye, but more often as not the amulet has been drawn as a closed golden eye whose lids open when its magic is activated to reveal the true "living" Eye of Agamotto inside. Template information for the papercraft model is below. The download includes PDF files of both the metallic and living versions of the Eye as well as lined and non-lined versions of each.

Scale: 1:1
Finished Size: 3.5" (8.9 cm) diameter
Number of sheets: 2
Number of parts: 14
Difficulty: 3/5
Download: Here

Special thanks to Israel Skelton at skeltoncrewstudio.com for permission to use the photo of his Eye of Agamotto prop in the creation of this papercraft.


  1. Fantastic.

    Two more to add to my growing collection of "EYES" of Agamotto.

    I must ask, however...the photos seem more like 3D model artwork (or photoshop)... are they? Or are those actual pics of the finished papercraft?

    They seem so SEAMLESS.

    Either way, amazing work!

    Sanctum Sanctorum Comix

  2. PTOR,Thanks for the kind remarks. The photos are indeed 3D renderings. The actual models do have quite a few seams. The best way to downplay the appearance of the seams is to use one of the lineless templates that have colored gluing tabs. Good luck on your build!